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Sri Amritsar.

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[March 22, 2023, Wednesday 05:00 AM. IST]  
tofI mhlw 5 ]

grib gihlVo mUVVo hIE ry ] hIE mhrwj rI mwieE ] fIhr inAweI moih PwikE ry ] rhwau ] Gxo Gxo Gxo sd loVY ibnu lhxy kYTY pwieE ry ] mhrwj ro gwQu vwhU isau luBiVE inhBwgVo Bwih sMjoieE ry ]1] suix mn sIK swDU jn sglo Qwry sgly pRwCq imitE ry ] jw ko lhxo mhrwj rI gwTVIE jn nwnk grBwis n pauiVE ry ]2]2]19]

bu`Dvwr, 9 cyq (sMmq 555 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 715)

tofI mhlw 5 ]

hy BweI! mUrK ihrdw AhMkwr ivc J`lw hoieAw rihMdw hY[ ies ihrdy nMU mhwrwj (pRBU) dI mwieAw ny m`CI vWg moh ivc Psw r`iKAw hY, ijvyN m`CI nMU kuMfI ivc[rhwau[ hy BweI! moh ivc PisAw hoieAw ihrdw sdw bhuq bhuq mwieAw mMgdw rihMdw hY, pr BwgW qoN ibnw ikQoN pRwpq kry? hy BweI! mhwrwj dw id`qw hoieAw ieh srIr hY, iesy nwl mUrK jIv moh krdw rihMdw hY[ inBwgw mnu`K Awpxy mn nMU iqRSnw dI A`g nwl joVI r`Kdw hY[1[ hy mn! swry swDU jnW dI is`iKAw suixAw kr, ies dI brkiq nwl qyry swry pwp imt jwxgy[ hy dws nwnk! (AwK-) mhwrwj dy ^zwny ivcoN ijs dy BwgW ivc kuJ pRwpqI ilKI hY, auh jUnW ivc nhIN pYNdw[2[2[19[


My foolish heart is in the grip of pride. By the Will of my Lord God, Maya, like a witch, has swallowed by soul. || Pause || More and more, he continually yearns for more; but unless he is destined to receive, how can he obtain it? He is entangled in wealth, bestowed by the Lord God; the unfortunate one attaches himself to the fire of desires. || 1 || Listen, O mind, to the Teachings of the Holy Saints, and all your sins shall be totally washed away. One who is destined to receive from the Lord, O servant Nanak, shall not be cast into the womb of reincarnation again. || 2 || 2 || 19 ||

Wednesday, 9th Chayt (Samvat 555 Nanakshahi) (Page: 715)

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Photo by: Satpal Singh "Danish" [email protected]

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