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Sri Amritsar.

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[January 20, 2019, Sunday 05:30 AM. IST]  
rwgu goNf mhlw 5 caupdy Gru 2
<> siqgur pRswid ]

jIA pRwn kIey ijin swij ] mwtI mih joiq rKI invwij ] brqn kau sBu ikCu Bojn Bogwie] so pRBu qij mUVy kq jwie ]1] pwrbRhm kI lwgau syv ] gur qy suJY inrMjn dyv]1] rhwau ] ijin kIey rMg Aink prkwr ] Epiq prlau inmK mJwr ] jw kI giq imiq khI n jwie ] so pRBu mn myry sdw iDAwie ]2] Awie n jwvY inhclu DnI ] byAMq gunw qw ky kyqk gnI ] lwl nwm jw kY Bry BMfwr ] sgl Gtw dyvY AwDwr ]3] siq purKu jw ko hY nwau ] imtih koit AG inmK jsu gwau ] bwl sKweI Bgqn ko mIq ] pRwn ADwr nwnk ihq cIq ]4]1]3]

AYqvwr, 7 mwG (sMmq 550 nwnkSwhI) AMg: 862

rwgu goNf mhlw 5 caupdy Gru 2
<> siqgur pRswid ]

hy mUrK! ijs pRBU ny (qY) pYdw krky qY ijMd id`qI qY pRwx id`qy, ijs pRBU ny myhr kr ky srIr ivc (AwpxI) joiq r`K id`qI hY, vrqx vwsqy qY hryk cIz id`qI hY, Aqy AnykW iksmW dy Bojn qY KvWdw hY, aus pRBU ivswr ky (qyrw mn) hor ik`Qy Btkdw rihMdw hY? [1[ hy BweI! mYN qW prmwqmw dI BgqI ivc l`gxw cwhuMdw hW [ gurU pwsoN hI aus pRkwS-rUp mwieAw-rihq pRBU dI BgqI dI sUJ pY skdI hY [1[rhwau[hy myry mn! sdw aus pRBU dw iDAwn DirAw kr, ijs ny (jgq ivc) AnykW iksmW dy rMg (-rUp) pYdw kIqy hoey hn, jyhVw AwpxI pYdw kIqI rcnw A`K dy Por ivc nws kr skdw hY, Aqy ijs dI bwbq ieh nhIN ikhw jw skdw ik auh ikho ijhw hY Aqy kyfw v`fw hY [2[hy mn! auh mwlk-pRBU sdw kwiem rihx vwlw hY, auh nwh jMmdw hY nwh mrdw hY [ mYN aus dy ikqny ku gux igxW? auh byAMq guxW dw mwlk hY [ aus dy Gr ivc aus dy guxW-rUp lwlW dy ^zwny Bry pey hn [ auh pRBU sB jIvW Awsrw dyNdw hY [3[hy mn! ijs pRBU dw nwm (hI d`sdw hY ik auh) sdw kwiem rihx vwlw hY Aqy srb-ivAwpk hY, aus dw js hr vyly gwieAw kr, (aus dI is&iq-swlwh dI brkq nwl) koRVW pwp imt jWdy hn [ hy nwnk! Awpxy ic`q ivc aus pRBU dw ipAwr pYdw kr, auh (hryk jIv dw) mu`F dw swQI hY, BgqW dw im`qr hY Aqy (hryk dI) ijMd dw Awsrw hY [4[1[3[


He fashioned the soul and the breath of life, and infused His Light into the dust; He exalted you and gave you everything to use, and food to eat and enjoy how can you forsake that God, you fool! Where else will you go? || 1 || Commit yourself to the service of the Transcendent Lord. Through the Guru, one understands the Immaculate, Divine Lord. || 1 || Pause || He created plays and dramas of all sorts; He creates and destroys in an instant; His state and condition cannot be described. Meditate forever on that God, O my mind. || 2 || The unchanging Lord does not come or go. His Glorious Virtues are infinite; how many of them can I count? His treasure is overflowing with the rubies of the Name. He gives Support to all hearts. || 3 || The Name is the True Primal Being; millions of sins are washed away in an instant, singing His Praises. The Lord God is your best friend, your playmate from earliest childhood. He is the Support of the breath of life; O Nanak, He is love, He is consciousness. || 4 || 1 || 3 || ||

Sunday, 7th Maagh (Samvat 550 Nanakshahi) Page: 862

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Photo by: Satpal Singh "Danish"

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