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Sangrand Hukamnama

Sri Amritsar.

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[January 16, 2022, Sunday 05:30 AM. IST]  
DnwsrI mhlw 5 ]

vfy vfy rwjn Aru BUmn qw kI iqRsn n bUJI ] lpit rhy mwieAw rMg mwqy locn kCU n sUJI ]1] ibiKAw mih ikn hI iqRpiq n pweI ] ijau pwvku eIDin nhI DRwpY ibnu hir khw AGweI ] rhwau ] idnu idnu krq Bojn bhu ibMjn qw kI imtY n BUKw ] audmu krY suAwn kI inAweI cwry kuMtw GoKw ]2] kwmvMq kwmI bhu nwrI pr igRh joh n cUkY ] idn pRiq krY krY pCuqwpY sog loB mih sUkY ]3] hir hir nwmu Apwr Amolw AMimRqu eyku inDwnw ] sUKu shju Awnµdu sMqn kY nwnk gur qy jwnw ]4]6]

AYqvwr, 3 mwG (sMmq 553 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 672)

DnwsrI mhlw 5 ]

hy BweI ! dunIAW ivc vfy vfy rwjy hn, vfy vfy izmIdwr hn, mwieAw vloN auhnW dI iqRSnw kdy BI nhIN mu`kdI auh mwieAw dy kOqkW ivc msq rihMdy hn, mwieAw nwl cMbVy rihMdy hn [ mwieAw qoN ibnw hor kuJ auhnW nUM A`KIN id`sdw hI nhIN [1[hy BweI ! mwieAw dy moh ivc Psy rih ky iksy mnu`K ny mwieAw vloN r`j pRwpq nhIN kIqw, ijvyN A`g bwlx nwl nhIN r`jdI [ prmwqmw dy nwm qoN ibnw mnu`K kdy r`j hI nhIN skdw [rhwau [hy BweI ! jyhVw mnu`K hr roz suAwdly Kwxy KWdw rihMdw hY, aus dI suAwdly KwixAW dI Bu`K kdy nhIN mu`kdI [ suAwdly KwixAW dI ^wqr auh mnu`K ku`qy vWg dOV-B`j krdw rihMdw hY, cwry pwsy Bwldw iPrdw hY [2[hy BweI ! kwm-v`s hoey ivSeI mnu`K dIAW BwvyN ikqnIAW hI iesqRIAW hox, prwey Gr vl aus dI mMdI ingwh iPr BI nhIN htdI [ auh hr roz ivSy-pwp krdw hY, qy, pCuqWdw BI hY [ so, ies kwm-vwsnw ivc Aqy pCuqwvy ivc aus dw Awqmk jIvn su`kdw jWdw hY [3[hy BweI ! prmwqmw dw nwm hI iek AYsw byAMq qy kImqI ^jwnw hY jyhVw Awqmk jIvn dyNdw hY, ies nwm-^jwny dI brkiq nwl sMq jnW dy ihrdy-Gr ivc Awqmk Afolqw bxI rihMdI hY, suK AwnMd bixAw rihMdw hY [ pr hy nwnk ! gurU pwsoN hI ies ^jwny dI jwx-pCwx pRwpq huMdI hY [4[6[


The desires of the greatest of the great kings and landlords cannot be satisfied. They remain engrossed in Maya, intoxicated with the pleasures of their wealth; their eyes see nothing else at all. || 1 || No one has ever found satisfaction in sin and corruption. The flame is not satisfied by more fuel; how can one be satisfied without the Lord? || Pause || Day after day, he eats his meals with many different foods, but his hunger is not eradicated. He runs around like a dog, searching in the four directions. || 2 || The lustful, lecherous man desires many women, and he never stops peeking into the homes of others. Day after day, he commits adultery again and again, and then he regrets his actions; he wastes away in misery and greed. || 3 || The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is incomparable and priceless; it is the treasure of Ambrosial Nectar. The Saints abide in peace, poise and bliss; O Nanak, through the Guru, this is known. || 4 || 6 ||

Sunday, 3rd Maagh (Samvat 553 Nanakshahi) (Page: 672)

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Photo by: Satpal Singh "Danish" [email protected]

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