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Katha HukamnamaKatha of Hukamnama


[January 24, 2018, Wednesday 05:30 AM. IST]  
soriT m 1 cauquky ]

mwie bwp ko bytw nIkw ssurY cquru jvweI ] bwl kMinAw kO bwpu ipAwrw BweI kO Aiq BweI ] hukmu BieAw bwhru Gru CoifAw iKn mih BeI prweI ] nwmu dwnu iesnwnu n mnmuiK iqqu qin DUiV DumweI ]1] mnu mwinAw nwmu sKweI ] pwie prau gur kY bilhwrY ijin swcI bUJ buJweI ] rhwau ] jg isau JUT pRIiq mnu byiDAw jn isau vwdu rcweI ] mwieAw mgnu Aihinis mgu johY nwmu n lyvY mrY ibKu KweI ] gMDx vYix rqw ihqkwrI sbdY suriq n AweI ] rMig n rwqw ris nhI byiDAw mnmuiK piq gvweI ]2] swD sBw mih shju n cwiKAw ijhbw rsu nhI rweI ] mnu qnu Dnu Apunw kir jwinAw dr kI Kbir n pweI ] AKI mIit cilAw AMiDAwrw Gru dru idsY n BweI ] jm dir bwDw Taur n pwvY Apunw kIAw kmweI ]3] ndir kry qw AKI vyKw khxw kQnu n jweI ] kMnI suix suix sbid slwhI AMimRqu irdY vsweI ] inrBau inrMkwru inrvYru pUrn joiq smweI ] nwnk gur ivxu Brmu n BwgY sic nwim vifAweI ]4]3]

bu`Dvwr, 11 mwG (sMmq 549 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 596)

soriT m 1 cauquky ]

jo mnu`K kdy mwipAW dw ipAwrw pu`qr sI, kdy shury dw isAwxw jvweI sI, kdy pu`qr DI vwsqy ipAwrw ipau sI, Aqy Brw dw bVw (snyhI) Brw sI, jdoN Akwl purK dw hukm hoieAw qW aus ny Gr bwr (sB kuJ) C`f id`qw, iek plk ivc sB kuJ Eprw ho igAw [ Awpxy mn dy ip`Cy hI qurn vwly bMdy ny nwh nwm jipAw nwh syvw kIqI Aqy nwh pivq Awcrn bxwieAw [ ies mnu`Kw srIr dI rwhIN Kyh-^uAwrI hI krdw irhw [1[ ijs mnu`K dw mn gurU dy aupdyS ivc pqIjdw hY auh prmwqmw dy nwm Asl imq smJdw hY [ mYN qW gurU dy pYrIN l`gdw hW, gurU qoN sdky jWdw hW ijs ny ieh s`cI miq id`qI hY (ik prmwqmw hI Asl imq hY) [1[ mnmuK dw mn jgq nwl JUTy ipAwr ivc pRoieAw rihMdw hY, sMq jnW nwl auh JgVw KVw krI r`Kdw hY [ mwieAw (dy moh) ivc msq auh idn rwq mwieAw dw rwh hI q`kdw rihMdw hY, prmwqmw dw nwm kdy nhIN ismrdw, ies qrHW (mwieAw dy moh dI) zihr Kw Kw ky Awqmk mOqy mr jWdw hY [ Awpxy mn dy ip`Cy qurn vwlw mnu`K gMdy gIqW (gwvx suxn) ivc msq rihMdw hY, gMdy gIq nwl hI ihq krdw hY, prmwqmw dI is&iq-swlwh vwlI bwxI ivc aus dI suriq nhIN l`gdI [ nwh auh prmwqmw dy ipAwr ivc rMgIjdw hY, nwh aus nwm-rs ivc iK`c pYNdI hY [ mnmuK iesy qrHW AwpxI ie`zq gvw lYNdw hY [2[ swD sMgiq ivc jw ky mnmuK Awqmk Afolqw dw AwnMd kdy nhIN mwxdw, aus dI jIB nwm jpx dw suAwd kdy rqw BI nhIN AwauNdw [ mnmuK Awpxy mn qn Dn hI Awpxw smJI bYTdw hY, prmwqmw dy dr dI aus koeI ^br-sUJ nhIN pYNdI [ mnmuK AMnHw (jIvn s&r ivc) A`KW mIt ky hI quirAw jWdw hY, hy BweI! prmwqmw dw Gr prmwqmw dw dr aus kdy id`sdw hI nhIN [ Aw^r Awpxy kIqy dw ieh n&w K`tdw hY ik jmrwj dy bUhy qy b`Jw hoieAw (cotW KWdw hY, ies szw qoN bcx leI) aus koeI shwrw nhIN l`Bdw [3[ (pr AsW jIvW dy kIh v`s?) jy pRBU Awp myhr dI nzr kry qW hI mYN aus A`KW nwl vyK skdw hW, aus dy guxW dw ibAwn nhIN kIqw jw skdw [ (aus dI myhr hovy qW hI) kMnW nwl aus dI is&iq-swlwh sux sux ky gurU dy Sbd dI rwhIN aus dI is&iq-swlwh mYN kr skdw hW, qy At`l Awqmk jIvn dyx vwlw aus dw nwm ihrdy ivc vsw skdw hW [hy nwnk! pRBU inrBau hY inr-Awkwr hY inrvYr hY aus dI joiq swry jgq ivc pUrn qOr qy ivAwpk hY, aus dy sdw-iQr rihx vwly nwm ivc itikAW hI Awdr imldw hY, pr gurU dI Srn qoN ibnw mn dI Btkxw dUr nhIN hMudI (qy Btkxw dUr hox qoN ibnw nwm ivc juV nhIN skIdw) [4[3[


The son is dear to his mother and father; he is the wise son-in-law to his father-in-law. The father is dear to his son and daughter, and the brother is very dear to his brother. By the Order of the Lords Command, he leaves his house and goes outside, and in an instant, everything becomes alien to him. The self-willed manmukh does not remember the Name of the Lord, does not give in charity, and does not cleanse his consciousness; his body rolls in the dust. || 1 || The mind is comforted by the Comforter of the Naam. I fall at the Gurus feet I am a sacrifice to Him; He has given me to understand the true understanding. || Pause || The mind is impressed with the false love of the world; he quarrels with the Lords humble servant. Infatuated with Maya, night and day, he sees only the worldly path; he does not chant the Naam, and drinking poison, he dies. He is imbued and infatuated with vicious talk; the Word of the Shabad does not come into his consciousness. He is not imbued with the Lords Love, and he is not impressed by the taste of the Name; the self-willed manmukh loses his honor. || 2 || He does not enjoy celestial peace in the Company of the Holy, and there is not even a bit of sweetness on his tongue. He calls his mind, body and wealth his own; he has no knowledge of the Court of the Lord. Closing his eyes, he walks in darkness; he cannot see the home of his own being, O Siblings of Destiny. Tied up at Deaths door, he finds no place of rest; he receives the rewards of his own actions. || 3 || When the Lord casts His Glance of Grace, then I see Him with my own eyes; He is indescribable, and cannot be described. With my ears, I continually listen to the Word of the Shabad, and I praise Him; His Ambrosial Name abides within my heart. He is Fearless, Formless and absolutely without vengeance; I am absorbed in His Perfect Light. O Nanak, without the Guru, doubt is not dispelled; through the True Name, glorious greatness is obtained. || 4 || 3 ||

Wednesday, 11th Maagh (Samvat 549 Nanakshahi) (Page: 596)