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siqgur pRswid

Daily-routine of religious services (Maryada) at

Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib

(18 December to 17 February)


  Opening of door early-morning                                                                         03-00 a.m.

  Hymn-recitation (Kirtan)                                                                                 03-00 a.m.
  Kirtan Asa-Di-Var                                                                                        04-00 a.m.
  Start of Sri Palki Sahib(gold-palanquin)  from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib                                   05-00 a.m.
  First Hukam-Nama                                                                             05-30 a.m.
  First Ardas (Prayer)                                                                                  06-00 a.m.
  Ending Asa-Di-Var                                                                                               07-00 a.m.
  Second Ardas and Hukam-Nama                                                                         07-15 a.m.
   In the evening the recitation of Sodar Rehras begins after sunset
  Hukam-Nama at the close of services                                                              09-30 p.m.
  Start of Sri Palki Sahib from Sri Harmandir Sahib                                                      09-45 p.m.
  Sri Palki Sahib reaches Sri Akal Takhat Sahib                                                                10-00 p.m.

  From the opening of doors in wee-hours of morning till the end in the night, there is a continuous recitation of holy hymns (Gurbani).

  At night after the departure of Sri Guru Granth Sahib on a gold-palanquin the floor of the Harmandir Sahib is given a thorough wash with diluted milk by volunteers. The doing of this service is accompained by sweet singing of holy-hyms. After this cleaning the mats, on which Sri Granth Sahib is enshrined, are spread, followed by distribution of sacred-food. Then the hymn-singing concert of early morning (Tin-Pahrey-Di-Chaunkee) starts.

  There is non-stop reading (Sri Akhand Path) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib at various locations in the building of Sri Harmandir Sahib.

Note: There is, however, a change in these timings according to summer or winter.


    (Punjabi Version)


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